Situation in Israel is very tense right now. Hamas leadership have made a declaration that: Hamas loves death just as the Jews loves life. That explains everything including their practice of human shields,using innocent women and children. Let’s hope that the World wakes up and see the sick and perverted minds that are behind Islamic […]

I always liked France, ever since I visited Paris for the first time ..must have been 1979. French food taste better than English and Swedish….but I was surprised to hear that the nr 1 restaurant in Paris is actually English,serving traditional English food. But I would never waste time or money to visit that one…very […]

Israel,Switzerland and Turkey

“I was healed last night when you prayed for me…do you understand? I never experienced anything like it, God is so good” This Turkish woman was very excited understanding that Jesus cares and has the power to heal! I just came back from our annual event “Battle for Europe”. 90 or so leaders from various […]

“Battle for Europe” 15-18/5

Tomorrow it is Good Friday. It’s a lovely opportunity to reflect and meditate on what Jesus did for us 2000 years ago. I love Easter. Parts of my big family are coming together here in Fleet and we will have a great time. Right after Easter I will leave for Germany where I will speak […]

The gospel to Italy

Have just finished a morning service here in Modena. “Opening of a new chapter” for the Church ,said the Pastor. I am not saying that , would be stupid since I don’t live here. It was a special time though and I am sure lives where deeply touched and people even healed. All glory to […]

January 2014

“That meeting totally saved my life”,… a few days ago one woman said that came to me after a meeting here in UK. “I was suicidal,71 years old. My husband left me after more than 50 years and moved in to a woman that lived in the house beside us. I went two times to […]


Today we all went to Church in the morning. We where just 7 since 3 left early yesterday morning. Magdalena,Markus and Ester went back to Sweden after spending 10 days with us here in Fleet. We have had some great days together and Deborah,Rebecka,Fredrik,Noah and Celine is still with us for another 10 days or […]

I am right now in Pula/Croatia. 3 days of Revival meetings is the program. We just finished the 2nd evening and it was a great meeting. Jesus touched and saved many tonight. The same happened last night and also people got healed. People with tinnitus and chronic digestion problems and other sicknesses got instantly healed […]