I’m on the flight away from Prague. We have had some marvellous days together with friends. Prague is in a lockdown so we had to be creative to find a legal way to enter the nation in days like these. I have a confession over my life: “I’m unstoppable “just like the wind! So that’s what I am and will forever be. Sasa Flek, a good friend since 33 years!, told us some amazing testimonies how the last years Jesus have used him first to translate the entire Bible.,it took 15 years..but by faith and a lot patience he succeeded. The Bible became the no 1 bestseller the year it was published in the secular World! Hundreds of thousands of copies was sold and it reached everywhere to everyone! Some years later Sasa wrote a paraphrase of the Bible a beautiful book that the year it got published became the best seller ..again of course on the secular market!!! I love this story from a very passionate, intelligent and Jesus loving person. Soon we will make things together in Prague and around the nation. To bring light into this dark World!!

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