I have had a great weekend here in UK. Last night I was invited to speak in Fleet Baptist Church. This is the largest Charismatic Church in this area and they have seen a good number of new people the last years. I have many friends in this church and my very good frien Mark had arranged this meeting for ” men only”

It was great to share the Word and see the respons from the brothers. This morning I spoke in Guildford just 25 minutes from a Fleet. I have a a special connection with this city. I ministered there regularly 10-11 years ago and we saw some great miracles happening. Now it is great to connect with new Church Tree of Life that are doing great work there. Richard and Jaquieline have become good friends and this morning we had a great time in a fully packed hall. I do love to minister here in UK and know that there are still great things that God have called us to be a part of here.

12-19/11 this year we have our annual Israel tour! We still have a few seats left and I encourage you to come along! We offer you a super deal on this life changing tour.  Contact us for more information:

This week I am heading for Germany and will speak in ; Sinsheim and Heidelberg in the weekend.


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