A new year is always exciting and I am sure that 2015 will not disappoint us! I have had a great start already with a conference in Hatfield just north of London. It is great to minister in UK. I love the British people and will always have a special connection with this amazing nation. Yea we are still living here and intend to do so until God tells us to move!

The situation in the Middle East is getting worser and unfortunately this is influencing Europe as well. The terror attack in Paris was not something anyone wanted except the demonised Islamic terrorists. That religion in its worst version have given birth to a generation of perverted,bloodthirsty cowards!
I am more convinced and motivated than ever to continue to preach the Good news about Jesus that is the only answer and only saviour for this World.
The gospel is the power of God! It is wonderful to see the fruit of the good news. Last week I was told about 2 persons that I prayed for 2014 that got healed from cancer! The doctors had given up hope but Jesus never does!
Next week I am leaving for Italy. I will speak in Bologna and Modena for a few days. Theme for meetings in Modena is : Israel,Islam and the Church. We plan to bring a group from Italy to Israel later this year.
It is of great importance to speak what God speaks about those matters.
The spring schedule is full and as always I will be much on the road until the summer break.
We are arranging another event in Turkey this year” The Battle for Europe” this will happen in May 27-31st. This will take place in a beautiful resort in the Southwestern part of Turkey. Leaders and upcoming leaders from all over Europe will attend and I expect God to inspire,equip and strengthen us!
You should consider to come along with us! Contact us on : wedemalm@btopenworld.com for more information.
In November we are arranging our big Israel tour together with pastor Juan Canos from Madrid. Last year we had a fantastic time. Date will be 12-19/11.
We need you support in prayer and also financially. If you want to become a partner with us send us an email.
Soon we will have a new website up running with more information and downloads.
God bless you!

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