Tomorrow I will have my last meeting here in Madrid. It has been a really good time and I must say I enjoy being with my Spanish friends. Church here led by good friend Pastor Juan is growing rapidly in members and influence. Tonight we saw a powerful flow of healing in the meeting. Many testified about instant healing from various sicknesses. The same happened during meetings in the weekend. Every service is broadcasted live with around 400 000 people listening .i heard about a man who had not been out of bed for 6 month ,un able to walk. Saturday night during our meeting he listened through radio and when I prayed for people listening he walked up from bed ,healed praising God. That’s a great testimony!  We have also seen many come to the church for the first time and there received salvation.What a joy! Before Madrid we ( Deborah!my daughter and me) attended a Conference in London arranged by Tree of Life network,where I was invited to speak. It was great days and a pleasure to meet new friends. Pastor Benjamin Conway,Dave Duell,Robert Maasbach& Will Graham. Really great ministers and friends.Directly from here I go to France where I speak in a conference in Dunkerque.

I spoke today with friends in Tel Aviv concerning our tour in November 20-27th. Everything is prepared and situation in Israel is getting better. You are welcome to join us! image

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