Situation in Israel is very tense right now. Hamas leadership have made a declaration that: Hamas loves death just as the Jews loves life. That explains everything including their practice of human shields,using innocent women and children. Let’s hope that the World wakes up and see the sick and perverted minds that are behind Islamic terrorist organisations like Hamas.

I have a few days off spending time in Sweden. It is lovely to spend time with Vivianne and when possible children and grand children.

In November this year we are arranging an Israel tour together with our friend Pastor Juan Cano/Passio Por Christo/Madrid and other friends in Europe. I really believe it is an important time to visit and support Israel this year. You are welcome to participate. My vision for every Israel tour we arrange is for every participant to have a fresh encounter with Jesus,to understand and love Israel and the Jewish people  and to have a great time with much fun and excitement. You will meet and learn to know hundreds of interesting people from allover Europe. Language will be in English,Spanish and German.

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