move picI always liked France, ever since I visited Paris for the first time ..must have been 1979. French food taste better than English and Swedish….but I was surprised to hear that the nr 1 restaurant in Paris is actually English,serving traditional English food. But I would never waste time or money to visit that one…very expensive I am told. But much more important than food is people. French people are lovely and if they are connected with God they are even more lovely. I have many friends in France and I am happy for that.. Some weeks ago during Pentecost weekend I was invited to preach in a conference in Dijon,France. I really enjoyed my time together with a few hundred young people from various parts of France. I have had good feedback from the weekend and it was excited to see Jesus touch and even transform many young people,the future and hope for France! In our last meeting many received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is always great to see how people suddenly starts to speak in tongues! I will be back in Dijon next year again. Pastor Michael Marvanne is a man with same passion and attitude as myself  and it is easy to work together with guys like that. From France I went to UK /Horsham where I taught a couple of days at Kingdom Faith Bible College. I also met with Colin Urquart and Clive Urquart good friends since many years back. I always enjoy spending a few days with Kingdom Faith. They carry something in God that is so precious for all of us. I also planned together with Colin for an event that we will do together in the near future. Exciting stuff that you will hear more about later. Today,right now I am waiting at airport in Hannover. I have been preaching here over the weekend. Friday night I was in Bega and on Saturday I spoke in seminar in Beelen. Sunday I spoke in Kassel and in Hanover last night. It was a busy schedule but it was great to see many people blessed,saved and healed. God have given me things to do in Germany and I try my best to be faithful to that. I am waiting for my flight to London and on Wednesday I will leave for Sweden where we will celebrate Midsummer with all family in our new house,Björkbacken. I am looking forward to that!

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