237Have just finished a morning service here in Modena. “Opening of a new chapter” for the Church ,said the Pastor. I am not saying that , would be stupid since I don’t live here. It was a special time though and I am sure lives where deeply touched and people even healed. All glory to Jesus.

this is my 5th day here in Italy. I started in Fano by the east coast and than Concordia and Bologna yesterday a leaders conf day here in Modena with leaders from many different areas of Italy. Italy is open and I think ready to recieve the Gospel of Christ. The traditional Church is loosing its grip of the people and normally people are really tired of dead religion. The Pope is popular but at the same time viewed at in same way as people admire Dalai Lama,friendly smiling and not disturbing anyone. Well I like him much more than the old German pope.

I believe that the Exodus out from the Catholic Church here will continue and even now we see how spirit filled catholic priests are paying the price to leave and to work outside the institution. I had lunch with some of them not so long time ago. One was desperately wanting to get married…he was in love with a nun. Lovely couple.

The last months have been very intense for me with a lot of projects and events happening. It has been wonderful to see what God is doing. This coming week I will  be in UK at home and that will be great.

In May 15-18 we have our annual Troas event in Turkey. Leaders from Europe are coming together with one focus Jesus and His plan for our continent. If you want to come along ..hurry up to register we only have a few places left. Contact us for further information.





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