MadridLast week have been rather busy. In Rome we had a really good time. I was there together with good friend Tor Holmgren from Uppsala/Sweden. Tor was speaking as well.We had a 4 days event together with brothers and sisters in a few new Churches in Rome. This have become a tradition ,once a year a visit to Rome. I love it.So many people that are open and ready to receive the gospel of the Kingdom in power.We saw people saved and healed and Churches  encouraged and strengthened in faith.  It was great to hear a testimony from a woman that got healed from cancer last time I visited Rome and prayed for her. In Herford/Germany we had one meeting. It was the first time friends arranged an open meeting and people came from various background and places. In Rinteln I spoke to leaders and pastors all Saturday. It was a great time. My good friend Dan Lindau was with me and he ministered in a few sessions as well.  Its great to share with other leaders.They came from various places in Germany ,most of them are in a Pioneering situation breaking new ground . On the Sunday morning I spoke in a Church in Beelen. Really good to meet them ,lovely people that where open and hungry for God. From there we went to Hanover. Meeting in the beginning of a new Church that we have been involved in since few years back. This time the hall was really full( not a giant place though) with hungry people. Here again, people saved and healed. Early Monday morning I went to Madrid where I had a seminar “ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit” It was really good time. The hall that can seat 1200 was packed every meeting and  many got saved and.healed. I heard many testimonies about miracles. Last meeting more than 800 came for prayer…each one received pray …that was a sweaty evening indeed and full of the Power of the Holy Spirit. Madrid is in a time of visitation and many catholic people are leaving dead churches to receive freedom in Jesus and in the power of the Gospel. We even have Catholic priests and nuns on our meetings seeking freedom. When I was in Rome the news came that my old pastor and friend Ulf Ekman and his wife will convert to Catholicism. This really caused a stir in Scandinavia. For myself ,working and ministering a lot in Catholic dominated nations it feels really strange and even if it  does not concern me anymore I have nothing but a huge question mark concerning that radical step my friends have taken. Enough about that,Next weekend I am speaking in an event in Cornwall,Heston. It’s a conference starting Saturday arranged by Kingsway Church and is open for everyone. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the World and I invite you to come ,enjoy and receive from heaven!

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