MadridI just arrived back from some amazing days in Madrid. God did so much during the meetings. 300+ received Jesus for the first time,so many healings and a very powerful move of Gods Spirit. 2014 seems to be a very interesting year indeed.     I heard a wonderful testimony from the last time I ministered in Madrid ,November 2013. I prayed for a baby girl, 1 year old that had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and doctors could not do anything. I prayed for the little girl and her mother came now to the first meeting and testified that her daughter where totally healed from that time! All glory to Jesus!

On our last meeting the large hall was totally crowded,people where sitting everywhere even they filled up the platform behind me. I was really moved to see the hunger and passion and openers that was among the people.  The Holy Spirit moved like a wave of electricity  all over the place. Great time indeed!

aPastor Juan is a very dear brother and friend and we will do more things together in 2014. This weekend I am preaching in a church in London Friday-Sunday, Elim Leytonstone and early Monday morning I will leave together with Joel my son to Turkey and from there to Neuchatel Switzerland where I will have a conference next weekend. Busy days ahead but God is good!

Our Troas event 15-18/5 this year will be very special. Come along! Life changing days! For more info:

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