“That meeting totally saved my life”,… a few days ago one woman said that came to me after a meeting here in UK. “I was suicidal,71 years old. My husband left me after more than 50 years and moved in to a woman that lived in the house beside us. I went two times to her house and hit her so bad that police came and arrested me. I was taken to a Psychiatric clinic but was told that the problem with me was that my heart had been teared in to pieces.3 years ago I was sitting outside on a bench weeping ,planning my suicide when a woman came to me and said: you need to come with me to a meeting. I came along and a Swedish  pastor was speaking…I came to him for prayer,got saved and restored and free!! Wonderful to hear about fruit that remains!!

I like to hear testimonies like that! God is always doing miracles and is transforming peoples life! What a privilege  to serve Him. I have had a good start 2014. It was great to see more people receive Jesus  as Lord and Savior here in UK already the first weeks of 2014. I have already heard testimonies about miracles as well. I guess we are in a season when God will increase His saving and healing power!! I am open…come on Jesus! Next week I will have  special “Healing and Miracle days ” in Madrid Spain. Thousands of people in Madrid will hear the message about Him that have made everything possible!!

In May 15-18th we are arranging an event in Turkey/Troas open for leaders and upcoming leaders in Europe. We call this event “Battle for Europe” and leaders/believers from allover Europe will come together with one focus: “Reach Europe with the full Gospel of Jesus Christ” and it will guaranteed be an amazing weekend..at the same place where it all started appr. 2000 years ago. Contact us on: wedemalm@btopenworld.com for information about price/registration.bild

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