Today we all went to Church in the morning. We where just 7 since 3 left early yesterday morning. Magdalena,Markus and Ester went back to Sweden after spending 10 days with us here in Fleet. We have had some great days together and Deborah,Rebecka,Fredrik,Noah and Celine is still with us for another 10 days or so.

Family is very precious and even if it takes a lot of work and effort to feed and host all those…it is definitely worth it all. We love and enjoy our family a lot.

2013 is coming to an end and it is time for some reflection over the year that have passed..

It has been a busy,pretty tough but at the same time very fruitful year. I tried to remember everything that I have been involved in ministry-wise and I am a bit overwhelmed by all the things that God have done. 15 nations with so many different projects and events. We have seen multitudes come to faith in Jesus and many have testified about various healing and miracles that happened through our ministry. Highlights; North doors opened much fruit and wonderful to see the guidance of The Holy Spirit,Turkey; fantastic event in Troas, Spain; revival in Madrid…wonderful move of God, Israel..2 visits during 2013…very powerful youth tour in August..Italy powerful events and Conference..Bulgaria;National Breakthrough Conference…awesome days.Germany: Conferences and Campaigns and seminar meetings,France Conferences and seminars,Switzerland ,Sweden,Norway; God is continuing to bless our ministry there…touching so many with His Word and Power. Many people saved and restored. Croatia; wonderful week in Pula and Zagreb. Healing and miracles.

UK..our homeland..6 conferences during 2013 where thousands have been impacted by Gods word and power..this plus a lot more have kept us more than busy during 2013. 2014 will be the same plus new doors about to open up. We want to reach further in to the untouched areas of our World. Thank you all for whatever you have done. We need more financial support 2014. Our projects in to the Muslim world as well as other areas cost money. Your gift will make a difference. We are a registered Charity in UK. Find more details on our website.

In May 15-19th you are invited to participate in our “Troas event” in Turkey. Meet up with pioneers and leaders from all over Europe for some powerful days of encounters with God in a beautiful setting beside the sea in the western part of Turkey.

In November later part you are invited to come along to Israel with us. People from all over Europe will go for a 8 days revival tour to Israel. We really believe that this will be the event of the year in Israel! Best price ,best quality and an experience you will never forget!More information to follow. This year no age restriction.

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