I am right now in Pula/Croatia. 3 days of Revival meetings is the program. We just finished the 2nd evening and it was a great meeting. Jesus touched and saved many tonight. The same happened last night and also people got healed. People with tinnitus and chronic digestion problems and other sicknesses got instantly healed yesterday. It is always a joy to see how the Gospel bear fruit wherever it is preached. I have visited Croatia many times during the last 28 years and I have seen God move in a powerful way over the years. New Churches are growing up in many places and Pula is one of them. It is great to see what is happening here. A lively and growing church with a vision to reach the entire Istria with the gospel. They already have new planted groups and Churches in various places.

People in Croatia have little understanding about the Gospel. The traditional Church have kept them in its grip and it’s heresy that if you only get baptised as a child and go to the mass and take communion regularly you are ok but never sure about salvation. It is great to see when Jesus sets people like that free and transform their lives for real. Today’s God is raising up a generation of believers with a vision to bring a change to this spiritually dark region. It’s a privilege to be involved in what God is doing here. From here I will go to Zagreb for another series of meetings. My good friend Tor Holmgren is with me and he was ministering in Dubrovnik earlier his week.

Thank you for prayer! If you want to support our ministry you will find instruction on our website how to do so. We need your help.

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