I had been looking forward to accompany Vivianne and Joel&Caroline to church this morning. Unfortunately this does not happen very often since Weekends are my busy working days. This weekend I am home in Fleet though and Joel and Caroline is visiting us….and I am not doing very well…I hate sickness…really ..but it’s getting better. Sunday mornings are wonderful here in Fleet. Everything is quiet and this is the day when guys in my age bring out their sport car  from the garage and they take a drive on some of the beautiful country lanes here in Hampshire…I am in house though.

This week I have been bombarded with one email and messages after the other trying to push me to make my opinion known regarding things happening within the Word of faith movement in Scandinavia…my good old friends in Christ, good brothers and sisters.They have been taking a different direction theologically the last years and some seems to be very frustrated because of this. Theological discussions makes me very tired. Everything should center around Jesus and everything that He have done for us and is still doing through the working of The Holy Spirit. The fruit will tell us about the tree. Are people being saved,healed restored,  transformed to live a holy life in Him,Is Jesus being glorified? Great , than I am with you. You will find fruit like this within all different types of Christian denominations. And we ought to be excited and supportive. I am not becoming a Catholic …no…but my neighbour here in UK is. He is a great guy with much of Christ in Him.  Let’s continue to bear as much fruit as possible in any way we can. This week I am doing an healing event in a nice hotel  in the outskirts of Manchester. I hope to see much fruit from that event!

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