Today we are finally removing our old oak outside our house. It has been standing there for 130 year something and it takes 2 days for three men to take it down. I am very happy to get rid of it. It is damaging our house,garage and garden. Oaks are nice trees but not in my small English garden….

In the weekend I was the main speaker in a conference in Bridgend/Wales. We had a good time together with Church (The Vine)and people that came from other parts of Wales. Wales is a special nation. Always raining,their original language(welch)is a very complicated one,they love rugby and has an heritage and history of great revivals…and the people are very warm and friendly. I was encouraged when I heard some of the testimonies after the weekend. God healed and restored people. Today is the remembrance day here in UK and special thoughts and appreciation are given to all those that have given their lives in the various wars from 1914 and so forth. It is a special day and I believe that it has great importance. To give and to risk your life for someone you love is the greatest kind of love. Just like Jesus. When I look outside my office window now…I can see the light! The Oak is disappearing more and more. Wonderful.

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