I have just returned back from an amazing time together with Church “Passion por Christo” in Madrid.This Church network is growing rapidly in Madrid. They have today 10 Churches in Madrid ,all together around 3500 members. Pastor Juan is a great friend since many years back and it is such a joy to see how God is using him and the Church. They have a radio station as well that reaches soon the entire Spain. Radio is a very effective tool to use in Spain. They know that at least 150 000 people listens regular from their live broadcasting from meetings in the Church. Last weekend I had a “Israel Conference” that was very well received and appreciated. Many people attended ,on Sunday appr. 2000 people came. It was the first time the Church came across teaching like that and God blessed the sessions in a mighty way. So many people got saved and healed! I estimate around 40-50 people in  every meeting received Jesus. Next year in the fall we are arranging an Israel tour together with the Church and Radio Dynamis. Already 300 people have said they will come along. Maybe we will open the tour also for English speaking people from other parts of Europe. I will soon publish more information about the event. This coming weekend I have a busy schedule in Germany; Opening meeting for our new building in Hanover on Friday night 19:30. Healing Conference in Peine Saturday;10:00,15:00,19:00 Sunday 10:00 Revival meeting in Duisburg Sunday

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