In Joh. 15:14 Jesus says:You are my friends if you do what I command. This is such a powerful truth!

Friendship is a precious gift. Truth and honesty is the foundation for all friendship.  Some years ago I was in a situation when I had to change direction in the ministry that Jesus have called me to.God called me to move to a new place and to step in to something new that God had prepared. I never forget when a person that I considered to be a great friend and brother told me that if I took that step he would no longer be a close friend to me. He warned me and said that I should follow His way otherwise things would go bad. I am so happy today that I made the right choice and followed the command of God instead of the command of a so called friend. I lost the friendship to this brother and even his associates but I kept my friendship with Jesus! The negative prophesy from that pastor never became reality instead the opposite happened.Jesus blessed me even more.To be a friend of  Jesus is to do His will..not to do the will of any man whatever fame or position they might have. Be ready to listen and test everything but..Never let any one talk you out of the will of Jesus.

Last weekend I was together with Dan Lindau in Fredrikstad/Norway.I was preaching in the Church Zoe. We had a wonderful time together with the Church and it was great to spend time together with Pastor Jan Halvorsen and his wife Margarete. I am excited about what God is about to do in Norway,Sweden in the near future!


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