I have just arrived back from Turkey after some amazing days together with delegates from 7 different nations in Europe.This was a joint venture together with my very good friend Ivan Nestorov/pastor in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. God have been speaking to both of us the last year about organising an event in the region of Troas in Turkey with the emphasis on “Bringing the Gospel back in to Europe” . We all stayed in a hotel located just by the sea with Europe on the other side.I was amazed to see the way The Holy Spirit moved and spoke and changed peoples life even from the first meeting until the last.One day we all went to the real site where Paul had the vision of the Macedonian man and where he was commissioned to bring the Gospel in to Europe. It is a more or less unknown place which is not easy to find. I was there many years ago and had some knowledge about how to get there. Some mix it together with Troy which is also located in the area but it is not the same at all. We had a fantastic time of worship,preaching and intercession in Troas! The presence of The Holy Spirit was so present and I know that many of us had an encounter with God that day. God also afresh spoke and gave visions to us that where present.

In the Conference we had various speakers. I together with Ivan did the main part but also Pastor Sicko Alic from Zagreb,Dan Lindau / Sweden,Tor Holmgren/Sweden,Berndt Koch/Germany and Genthian Proseku/Tirana shared and ministered to us. the unity among all was great and it was clear we all came with one focus and left with the same but with a larger perspective and strengthened by The Holy Spirit! Brother Tony and his wife Sia /Sofia served us all very well and we are really appreciating all that effort. Michael/Sweden and Sabina/Tirana led the worship in a very powerful way. Thank you all!!

We have already set dates(15-18/5/2014) for next year conference  and more information is to be released soon. Now I am home only a few days and than I leave for Madrid where I will minister in a conference.



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