We had a powerful conference in Rinteln/Germany last weekend. I was speaking there together with Suzette Hatting/Germany. The theme for the event was “Days of power and glory”. Many people attended from various places in Germany and it was great to see the hunger among them. Suzette was sharing mainly about her personal life with God in prayer and I think it was great to see the passion she carry for prayer and intercession. I spoke about the glory and power residing in us and how we have been enabled to release that life and power in to this World. People where very encouraged and motivated after the weekend and I have already received much positive feedback. We even heard testimonies about healing happening during meetings. All glory to Jesus!!

On the Sunday morning we had the final meeting and God gave me a message about multiplication and fruit that remains.The master plan that God have is for the Church to be the tool to reach this World with the Gospel and to take care of the fruit! Today up to 50% of the Christian people in Germany are not in a local Church! I am not blaming Church or people for that…its just a situation that I believe is not the perfect will of God.I really believe that God wants us to appreciate and love His church in a new way. Together as the Body of Christ we are so much stronger than just being alone. Even as a minister ..having my own ministry..I find it very important to really acknowledge and appreciate the local Church. My attitude is always when I minister in a Church…how can I best bless and strengthen this church. I sometimes get grieved when I see “ministries” just using churches and believers for their own benefit. “How can they help and bless my ministry”??Everything we do for Him also belongs to Him.Jesus is building His Church in this World and you and I are co workers in His very important mission. I really believe it is time for many new local Churches to be planted in Europe.

I am now preparing for an event in Turkey coming up on Thursday. We will gather leaders from various parts of Europe in western part of Turkey for a few days of conference and encounter. Pray for us! Next week I am off to Madrid for another conference.

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