Easter is here! What a lovely season to meet family and loved ones. We have kids and grand kids visiting us in our home in England. We love it and try our best to be good grand parents….

I came back from Switzerland andFrance   earlier this week. We had some good meetings together with our friends in “Joshua Generation” in Porrentuy. I met them first time almost 20 years ago and ever since we have been in contact. I always like to minister there and I know that God is about to shake that region of Switzerland with His glory. In France I ministered in Mullhouse. The church “Porte Ouverte” is large and growing. I guess they have around 3000 people now.I enjoyed speaking there and was told that through internet we reached another 6-7000 people. Not bad at all considering we are in France! We saw people saved and healed…as always! All glory to Jesus!

I am a good friend with the Pastor (Samuel) and his family and we had a really good time together. I also shared the word for the pastoral team in their network.The church has a strong voice in to France and it is important to strengthen and encourage friends like this.

I will be speaking in “Ashford Christian Centre” next Sunday(7/4) and than we have a very intense schedule until Christmas……..Thank you for prayer and any support. We have a project coming up in North Africa in the early summer. If you want to support financially towards this you can do so through our website via Paypal or CC.Just click on the “Online donation button”…


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