I had a really good time last weekend together with “World Harvest Bible Church”.

It was great to meet friends again and also to learn to know new people.

I had a seminar all Saturday with the Church and a few that came from outside. People are hungry and motivated to receive. I really enjoy teaching and sharing the Word of God. On the Sunday I ministered in the morning meeting and many people attended also new non Christians that later received Jesus as their Lord.

During my stay I got acquainted with a few people from South America,Brazil and Venezuela. They where all sent out from their home church as missionaries to Europe. “We have come here to impart the fire of revival” they said to me. I like that very much. One church/ministry in Venezuela have seen 2,1 million people saved the last years…in midst of persecution. I met a few guys from that Church. I would not be surprised if I end up ministering there in the near future. I have declined invitations from that continent thinking that God have not called me there but the last year things have started to change.

I absolutely believe that Europe need the fire of revival and we ought to thank God for the missionaries that He sends here to assist us.

Some people have contacted me asking what I think about the teaching about the “Emerging Church” and especially the american minister; Rob Bell. I have read some of the material that Bell is teaching. I have listened to him once ,some years ago and what I heard at that time did not impress me at all.  I have noticed how Church leaders in UK and elsewhere have adopted his teaching and ideas and Bell has become a voice in to the lives of many pastors.  I have noticed that pastors even so called “apostolic” leaders promote his books as being “a new important revelation”. The problem as I see it is that Bell is teaching a doctrine that is not rooted in the Bible. He is known as being an intellectual,deep thinker..well.for me.the stuff he brings is a mish mash of liberal Christianity without any cutting edge…tasteless.   Yesterday I read and listened to a sermon where he clearly supports same sex marriage. I am not surprised at all. This is the result from leaving the “traditional” Christian values aside in an attempt to be “relevant” to this World.

I suggest that you avoid the teaching of Rob Bell. He has nothing of insight to give..at least not insights of the things of God the Holy Spirit.

This is my reflections concerning Rob Bell.

This week I am leaving for Switzerland where I will speak in a conference for 2 days.

The Church hosting the event “Joshua Generation “ is located in Porrentruy in the Jura.They are close friends of mine. After that I will speak in a Church in Mullhouse in France. It is a large Church(2500) and I think the largest French Church in France. I have been friend with them for many years and it will be good to meet again.


I want to remind you about our “Love Israel” tour 21-28/8 this year. Come and join us!

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One thought on “Revival fire and my reflections on Rob Bell

  1. Thank you brother – straight to the point!

    I’ll keep standing w. you for fire from heaven over the continent of Europe!

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