Wisdom is very important in life. Vivianne, my dear wife is blessed with abundance of that. She told me not to eat that big portion of Spagetti Bolognese…but I still did and my my did I suffer during the trip from Le Havre to Portsmouth just 2 days ago. I will not describe any details but it was bad. 6 hours of stormy weather….Vivianne did not even have to remind me about what she told me..I know and will forever remember.The Bible encourage us to seek wisdom and boy..I am motivated to do so.. We had a few days in Paris over the weekend. It was really good just to chill out and to spend time together and to see a lot of things that I have never seen before. I have been ministering in Paris many times but only seen church buildings and hotels…and once the Eiffel tower. Paris is an amazing city. We stayed in the heart of Montmarte 5 minutes away from Sacre Coeur. I love that place really..

I am preparing now for an event in Manchester this coming weekend. I will minister in World Harvest Bible Church. It is great to visit friends again. This coming week I am speaking in Porrentruy(Joshua generation church) a great church where I have been involved for many years. I will have Friday night and a full Saturday and Saturday night there.It will be great to meet my good friends :Alain and Jonathan with families again. On the Sunday 24/3 I will be speaking in Mullhouse in the church “Porte Ouverte”. This is the largest french church in France with approx. 3000 people. I have been there many times over the years and it will be great to meet Samuel Petterschmidt and his team of pastors again.

After that event we will celebrate Easter. I love Easter! Usually I try to be home with family during that time and so I will this year again. Rebecka,Fredrik,Noah,Celine and our youngest daughter Deborah will spend Easter together with us…what a great joy!! In Paris we visited Louvren,the famous Art museum. We did spend at least 6 hours there. I never thought any of us would be that much in to art but obviously we are! I found the picture(above) of Pontius Pilate washing his hands after condemning Jesus to be crucified amazing. Just look at the expression of his face. Hopeless. He knew that it was nothing he could do even if he claimed that he had the power…Jesus was in power. Jesus decided that it was time for Him to die. Nothing could change or hinder the master plan of salvation designed by the Father.I was sitting looking at this picture for a long time in Louvre thanking Jesus for what He have done for us.Full salvation and redemption!!

Yesterday white smoke came out from the chimney in Vatican/Rome. A new Pope was born…I really liked the smile on the face of Pope Francis…even if I am not a great believer in the Roman Catholic Church…Francis seems to be a nice and happy man. Lets hope and believe that God can use him.


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