I consider BA to be the best airline in Europe. Yesterday they “allowed” me to take a large and heavy sink as luggage from Gothenburg to London without any extra charge….God bless BA. Vivianne was happy…we will now have a Swedish sink in our kitchen that is about to be transformed.

I did spend the weekend in Gothenburg. Main reason was not the sink but to minister in a church. We had a really good time. It was a great joy to speak faith in Sweden. People responded well to the message and we even saw a number of people getting saved. Goteborgskyrkan is a new church with its root in the Pentecostal movement. They are a part of “Salt&Light”,a network with base not far away from where I live/Basingstoke. I like the atmosphere and the openness towards the things of God. I also had the chance to minister to a group of pastors from the west coast in Sweden. It was great. Yesterday I met up with an old friend ;Ulf Christiansson. He is a legend in Scandinavia. Leader of the most successful Christian rock band ever in Europe he is still going strong with God. We have had quite a few projects together in the past and it seems like there will be more to come. Check up some of his productions on :www.jerusalem.se..

I am excited about Sweden now….more than I have been for many years. The Spirit of God is mobilizing people and Churches and I believe that yet another wave of “faith and Gods spirit’s power” will be released upon this nation.

I have not been home many days since Christmas and now it will be great to spend a week(almost) in UK together with Vivianne.


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