I have been in Marseilles since Wednesday. My mission here is to have a seminar at the Bible School here and to have 2 Revival nights in a new Church plant that my good friends Luc and Jean Hughes are doing and to have a Conference in the Church Betel in the down town of the city. Tonight we had the first Conference meeting.It was a great time where many where touched and encouraged by God. The seminar in the Bible school was great as well. Young ,motivated hungry people even a few from North Africa. I enjoyed the time together with them. Last night at the Revival night we saw people come to Jesus for the first time. That is such a joy.

Marseilles is not a typical easy city to reach with the gospel. It is the second city after Paris and is like a mixture of France and North Africa. The city has many Muslim inhabitants and the influence of Islam is very obvious. Marseilles also have the oldest Church building in Europe I was told. This year Marseilles is the “Cultural Capital” of Europe. I really love this rough ,wild harbour city. I am sure that Jesus will and is about to build a powerful Church here. Its a joy to be a part of that.The last weeks have been busy time for me and today I am tired. It will be an early night. Its good to know that Gods grace really is new every morning. Next Week I will go to Gothenburg/Sweden where I will minister in “Goteborgskyrkan” . If you live in or close to Gothenburg you are welcome to attend the meetings. Check their website for information.

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