I have just arrived back from a visit to North Africa. Together with my good friend Dan (Sweden) we ministered in one of the capitals of the region. It was amazing to see the guidance of The Holy Spirit throughout our visit. A few weeks ago a group of new saved Arabic young men and women experienced what we can call a “pentecostal event ” Many got baptised in the Holy spirit and fire. We where invited to share the Word in their Church and it was great to be there and to see God continue to move with His power. Some of those fine young guys are risking their lives following Jesus. Death threats have been given from members of the local Mosque and the threats are not just words. No matter persecution believers in that city is growing in faith,numbers and boldness.

In one of our meeting one young woman had a revelation of Jesus and she fell on her knees receiving Jesus in to her heart. It was very powerful and indeed the presence of Jesus was there.More people received Jesus and many of the young people also testified about Jesus revealing things to them during our preaching.

The main pastor is a true man of God full of the Holy Spirit. I was very touched by his love for Jesus and the Church he leads. He told me that most possibly he would have to be a martyr in the future but he considered that a privilege….life is different in those areas and no wonder Gods spirit is moving powerfully.The Pastor used to be a priest in the Catholic Church but he was persecuted ..by the Church when he started to share the gospel to the Muslims  The bishop of the church contacted the secret police in order to get rid of him…God protected the pastor though and now he is married have 4 children and is working within another ..real Christian Church….. We will be back. Already this year. The connection with this church is divine and they are asking for more of the word and the Spirit. I believe that Jesus is building a strong overcoming Church in this nation.

This week I am leaving for Stockholm and will have a chance too meet kids and grand kids together with Vivianne. On Sunday I will minister in “Solna Pingstkyrka” 11:00.

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