I guess many people are like me..in the beginning of the year ;I focus.. check up things that I have been doing various involvement and everything that I have planned for the coming year. Important to do the right things….and important to be in the right position when entering in to 2013. I hope and believe that I am.
David Bowie, one of my favourites 35 years ago, released a new single today;”Where are we now?” Not bad at all actually….66 year old and still making good music…and clever enough to ask the question”Where are we now?”
I have been working a lot on our upcoming “Israel event”.Finally I have secured the flights…
The event will happen 21-28/8 2013. Clive Urquhart,Myself,Chip K, and other ministers from UK will be in the team of organisers and some great ministers will come along as well from Germany,France,Switzerland and Scandinavia. You are invited to come along if you are young..up to around 40 and are up for an exciting week full of Jesus,adventures and excitement. We are committed to  give you the week of your life!
Through some hard work and much negotiation I have secured a fantastic deal:
£875:-/half board/fully packed program/great accommodation/direct flight from London-Tel Aviv with El Al. Seats are limited so you need to contact us as soon as possible to secure your place.
Write to : bengt@bengtwedemalm.com for more information.
Coming 14 days I will be ministering in: Hatfield,Jerusalem,Istanbul,Hanover,Hamburg,Bega,Tunis.
A good start for 2013!

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