Christmas is here. What a wonderful time to reflect on life,the passed and the future!
Last night I attended a “Midnight mass” together with my family,in a pretty Church not far away from where we live. It was a wonderful meeting and the vicar gave a great word about the birth of Jesus. He emphasised the truth that the first one to receive the good news was not the religious or political leaders in Israel. It was not the VIP people with money and influence, but instead God chooses to send the angel to a bunch of shepherds out on the field in the outskirts of Bethlehem. I have read and heard the nativity story ever since I was a child but I never really reflected over that part of the story. How great it is that God does not view things the same way as our worldly system does.
His plan was for His son to be born in to the simple,insignificant part of this World in order to bring salvation and restoration to everyone. The shepherds was the first one to hear the good news. What an amazing night!Their response was that they praised the Lord after meeting their Messiah. Early this morning in the end of that “Midnight Mass” I could not help but doing the same…praising and worshipping my Messiah!

2 days ago I was giving an interview on national Croatian TV. It was a fantastic opportunity to share the gospel and also to testify about miracles that I have seen Jesus do. I have attached a clip from that interview so that you check it for yourself:

In the beginning of January; 11-13th I am having a Conference in Hatfield(Elim Church). If you have the possibility you are most welcome to attend the meetings.
We start up 19:30 on the 11th and than it runs all weekend finishing with a “Healing meeting” on the Sunday night.
I also would like to inform you that 21-28/8/2013 we are arranging an event in Israel together with Clive Urquhart, Chip K and other ministers from various parts of Europe. If you are young…up to 40 something and are up for a week full of Jesus and adventures in should come along. We will be able to offer you a fantastic price deal for the event. For more information write to:

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