Tomorrow is officially the darkest day in the year. Today some new age and Maya people prophesied that the “World should be destroyed”. Well that was a false prophesy. I am thankful that I as a Jesus believing person have a better message than that. Jesus came as the light that overcame all darkness! Once we invites Him into our hearts..His light will rule there as well. That is why He have called us to be  the “Light in this World”. It is Him shining through us!!
2012 has been an awesome year. I tried to make a sum up of the year but I gave many things have happened. I give Jesus the glory for every life that He have touched and transformed through our ministry.
I also want to give a big thank you to everyone that have prayed for us and  supported us in various ways. I do believe that 2013 will be a year of breakthrough for the gospel in to Europe and the Middle East like never before. My heart is on fire for this!
We wish you a blessed and restful Christmas!!

Bengt Wedemalm

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