I am now in Frankfurt resting after an intensive weekend here in Germany. I was invited to JWOC church in Heidelberg to do a conference “Times of refreshing” and it was really great to meet those wonderful friends again.God was speaking and touched many with His power. I also ministered one evening in the church “Lion of Judah” in Frankfurt. We had a great evening together and the message that evening was very much appreciated. It was also great to meet a few younger ministers in Frankfurt that have their hearts on fire for Jesus longing to see the move of God in this part of Europe. We will do things together in year to come and I believe that God will allow us to reach many with the wonderful Gospel.
Now I am tired,it has been very much travelling and ministering this year. I am thankful to Jesus for everything He has done and for the strength and grace that He have provided for me. Tomorrow I will go back home to England and it will be great to celebrate Christmas with my family. I wish all of you a fantastic blessed Christmas and a big thank you for being our friend!!

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