I have just returned back from Croatia. I was there together with a good friend from Uppsala/Tor Holmgren. We ministered in Zagreb and Sisak. It was wonderful to meet my friends in Croatia again. When I am there I feel a bit Croatian myself…maybe no wonder ,I have been ministering there since the middle of 1980’s. God is building something very powerful in Croatia. My dear friend Sicko and his wife and family is a great inspiration to me. They are a testimony that if someone give him/herself wholehearted to God and His plans ..there are no limits to how much God can use us for His Kingdom.
Croatian State TV wanted to make an interview with me and about my book “In His Majesty’s Service” that now have been published in Croatia. It was a great opportunity to share the gospel and to testify about God’s power and love. This program will be broadcasting this coming Saturday. I am excited about any door that God opens up. Our meetings went well and many people came in spite of a terrible weather. It was cold and a lot of snow.
New people came to receive Jesus in every meeting which is such a joy to see. I am now home in Fleet for 2 days and than I will leave for my last trip and Conference before Christmas. It has been a very busy but also blessed year indeed.

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