I am back home in Fleet. The days spent in Italy went really well. Again it was so great to see the power of God move in all the meetings we had in ;Modena,Bologna and Fano. I am excited about what I see God do in Europe today. It seems like people are more and more opening up there heart to God and I can hear a “Macedonian cry” from all over our continent. It is a privilege and a great responsibility to be a minister/preacher today. The gospel is the power of God to salvation. We are not allowed to preach a water downed message without a cutting edge. The genuine Gospel always cause a stir in peoples life. It always brings an individual to a position where he/she have to make a stand. To chose life in and through Jesus. I saw by His grace many this weekend make that choice in Italy.
In UK we will have a new Archbishop in the Anglican Church,mr Justin Welby. He seems to be a great man of God! That is a wonderful blessing for this nation.
May he find the boldness to speak the Gospel in season and out of season!

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