This week I only had a chance to spend one full day at home in England.This is not really what I prefer but right now things are a bit busy. The day I spent was very fruitful though..fixing curtain rails and cornice…self design and meeting up last night with really good friends at our house. Last weekend in Germany was good..especially our meeting in Kassel and Sunday evening in Peine. We are asked to do a larger event in Peine next year and that could be great.
Today I am leaving for Italy where I will minister in various places but mainly in Modena in the north. I am looking forward to preach there already tonight directly from airport to church. I am excited about what God is doing today. Personally in our ministry I have seen some great breakthroughs and many have received Jesus for salvation the last month. I have also seen many young people come to our meetings and many are seeking advice and guidance. I am aware of that God is calling us to equip the next generation and I am actively involved in doing so. Next year we are looking in to possibility to arrange event with that in focus…
I am also excited about some good old friends that I can work together with for the Kingdom without complicated political correctness..on picture one of my friends..Juan from Madrid. A true hero and nation shaker. We will do things together next year again.

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