This is a place with outstanding beauty. Was up early this morning and ran 1 hour in the mountains here. The air is amazing and nature is untouched. Not bad for a Monday morning in November. Yesterday I had 2 meetings in Oron ,a town 15 minutes away from here. i have been there a few times before and now it was great come back. Pastor Werner Lehman is a very friendly anointed man of God. Church today have around 600 members and is the mother church for a number of new churches in Switzerland and France.Meetings went well and I heard good feedback from people and we also saw a few people receive Jesus for the first time. Tonight I will start a conference week in Oron with meetings for 6 evenings,I believe that God is about to do something special. Last night I ministered in “Gospel Life” in Lausanne. It is a young vibrant Church with many hundred of young very open people. Pastor is Jean Luc Traschel , a very powerful anointed minister with a heart to reach Europe with the full Gospel. Message last night was received very well and it was great to see many receive Jesus and to see the response to what God said prophetically to the Church. After the service I was invited to eat and spend some time together with Jean Luc and his wife Josianne. I really like this family. They have a passion and sincerity to reach Switzerland and Europe with the Gospel and already they have seen much good fruit.Europe needs the “preaching of the gospel” more than ever. We need to continue to plant new Churches that can embrace the great harvest that is to come.

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