I had a lunch with the President of all Evangelical Churches in Spain yesterday in Madrid. He was a very friendly man on fire for Jesus. He also has a lot of influence over the Charismatic revival Churches in Latin America. He told me about what The Holy Spirit is doing especially in Argentina and Venezuela today. The Churches that are preaching and reaching out with the full gospel are seeing a tremendous harvest. He emphasised the importance of staying with the essential message of the Gospel and not get to much involved in “Church growth schemes” . He mentioned Colombia as an example where some pastors have made their Churches in to MLM business like enterprises but instead of sales products they have “disciples”. “We need to let the Holy Spirit continue to do His work through us” It was very interesting to talk with this man of God. He is opening up doors for us in to South America and all over Spain. I am now preparing for a great event in Bulgaria starting this Friday.

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