We have just finished a 3 day conference in Madrid. Juan, my friend since many years moved here 9 years ago with his family and started to preach the gospel.
Today he have started 6 churches in Madrid ,the largest have 800 members. The last 20 month they baptised 280 persons. They also own their own radio station where they preach the gospel 24/7. We have 80 000 listeners during our meetings beside all of those visiting our meetings. Last night I hade a word of knowledge about someone listening to the radio partly paralysed on her right side getting healed. She came today to the service and testified about healing and she gave her life to the Lord. Many people have received Jesus this weekend every meeting and many testified about healing. I am encouraged to see how the preaching of the gospel and the simple truths from the Word is bearing so much fruit everywhere. The gospel need to be preached in Europe today!
Today at one of our meetings a delegation from the South American Embassies was present. It was great to speak to the as well and I have a feeling that soon I will end up over there being involved in something exciting for His Kingdom. Now I will go to the gym at this hotel and than meet up with the pastors.

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