I really enjoy reading the Bible and to allow the Word to influence my way of thinking and hopefully acting. It seems like faith and “doctrine” gets more and more simple as years goes by. I think that it ought to be like that. When Jesus told us about being like children to be able to enter the “Kingdom” I guess He talked about this. A few days ago I was contacted by a pastor friend in Albania that are involved in pioneering a church since some years back. He and his wife is doing a great job and I am impressed to see how their faith in God is working in a simple and powerful way. They wanted to know from me regarding a “new movement” that is influencing churches in Albania right now and some foreign ministers are promoting this new doctrine claiming that this what God is saying today. They represent a new kind “ecumenical” movement where the emphasise is “unity” to what it seems whatever cost. This particular Church have been supported financially from a Church that suddenly have changed their doctrine and now they put pressure on their”Albanian” mission project to change and submit to the “Apostle” of their movement. The Albanian pastor responded that He could not compromise with his faith and as a result they lost all financial support.This sounds very strange considering the spiritual situation in Albania and how young the Church is. They still need help and encouragement to walk in the way of Jesus and the “simplicity of faith”.
Sometimes I think it is healthy to listen to people that still believes in the messages we taught 20 years ago and to find that actually the truth is still there,bearing fruit as it always have. I am “pro unity” of course as long as it is in Christ and in The Holy Spirit. My Albanian friends made a right choice to not compromise with their convictions and I know that God will bless them abundantly for that. Simple faith will continue to please God and will allow us to continue making exploits for His kingdom.Today I am in my office working through piles of papers and I am longing to get out of here…
Friday morning I am leaving for Madrid where I will have a “Power Conference”.I am longing for that and believe for something extra ordinary.

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