I am back again in Fleet. My events in Dunkerque went well and it was good to meet up with Michel and Lydia (pastors) again. Dunkerque is a key city for that part of Europe and it is important to encourage and strengthen those that work hard for the Kingdom to be established. I enjoy the atmosphere in that area…a bit rough, and loads of resistance but His grace and love is so much more present once you invites Him. The last weeks have been a bit to much travelling and I end up wakening up in the morning wondering where I am. That is a bad sign. I will now spend 8 full days at home.There are a lot of things to be done here. We have been away from our house in Fleet more or less the entire summer. I just did an MOT on our old car…and again our friend Derek owner of the local garage gave me a fantastic deal fixing everything that was faulty. He is a blessing and now we can drive that old friend another year. I am not in the position to purchase a new car right now so it was a relief. Now I only have the leaking garage roof to handle…I have done it myself once 3 years ago with proper tar…old fashion way but now I think I have to ask someone for help..
Next week I am leaving for Madrid. A good friend is pioneering a great work there since 8 years and today he have started 6 churches in the region the largest have 800 members. I am looking forward to minister there and to catch up with friends. I enjoy spending time with “pioneer’s” that share the same heart and vision as myself.

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