I,(together with Radek a friend from UK) have been in Plovdiv the last couple of days preaching. We have been doing a “Church dedication” conference and it has been amazing time. Last night we laid hands and prayed for at least 500 people and we saw a powerful move of the Spirit,many healings and many […]


I had a lunch with the President of all Evangelical Churches in Spain yesterday in Madrid. He was a very friendly man on fire for Jesus. He also has a lot of influence over the Charismatic revival Churches in Latin America. He told me about what The Holy Spirit is doing especially in Argentina and […]


We have just finished a 3 day conference in Madrid. Juan, my friend since many years moved here 9 years ago with his family and started to preach the gospel. Today he have started 6 churches in Madrid ,the largest have 800 members. The last 20 month they baptised 280 persons. They also own their […]

Simple faith

I really enjoy reading the Bible and to allow the Word to influence my way of thinking and hopefully acting. It seems like faith and “doctrine” gets more and more simple as years goes by. I think that it ought to be like that. When Jesus told us about being like children to be able […]

11th October

I am back again in Fleet. My events in Dunkerque went well and it was good to meet up with Michel and Lydia (pastors) again. Dunkerque is a key city for that part of Europe and it is important to encourage and strengthen those that work hard for the Kingdom to be established. I enjoy […]