I have been in Thonon this weekend. The church “Elim” invited me to do a seminar starting Friday night and finishing some hours ago. My good friend Luc moved here together with his family to start a new church some years ago. It is great to see what God have done so far and I enjoyed being with them. We saw people saved and baptised in The Holy Spirit in the meetings.
It was encouraging to see that even in this part of Europe the Word and the Spirit bear the same fruit. Europe is a very needy place!I ministered to many younger people this weekend that where very open and motivated to receive as much as possible. A new generation is arising and we better be ready to give them what has been given to us from God and life experience with Him.
This afternoon we went to Mt Blanc region….it is an awesome place cant help but thinking about “mountain moving faith”……Tomorrow morning I go back home and on Thursday I leave for Rome where I have a conference over the weekend.

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