My BA flight from London to Gothenburg some days ago was delayed. That is frustrating especially if you have a train connection which is the last one for the day..I had to take a taxi to down-town Gothenburg and catch the train from there. The taxi driver was a very friendly guy and we had a good conversation. He had arrived to Sweden 21 years ago from Iran. He escaped the terror of the Mullahs as he described it. He told me how 1979 everyone including himself really believed in the “Islamic revolution” as it was presented by Khomeini.”He promised us freedom,democracy and prosperity” …what a lie! the taxi driver said. He had heard from the mouth of Khomeini that it was all a trick to get Iran in to the ways of the Koran. “Freedom,democracy…” was never on the agenda but was a bait to mislead the majority of the ordinary people, and it worked very well. In Egypt,Libya it is the same,according to the taxi driver. All the talk and promises of freedom and democracy are just lies…accepted within the Islamic seduce and mislead the ordinary people and especially the youth. Look what is happening in Egypt now,the young brave girls that was on the front-line against the old regime risking their lives are not even allowed in to the political meetings any more…because in Islam women does not have the same value as the men.The Arabic spring turned out to be a winter..We need to pray and believe that a real “revolution” will take place in the Arab world with Love,forgiveness and true freedom.
Doors are still open in to this region for the Gospel. This week I am praying and preparing for some projects that we will be involved in where we will touch some of the Arabic nations..first one hopefully within a few month.
Thank you for praying and supporting us. If you want to know more about the projects ,please send me an email and I can give you more details.
If you want to support our work financially you can do that through paypal(you will find details on our website) or by sending us a cheque. We are a registered charity.
We are also preparing a large International Youth event in Israel next year; 21-28/8, together with Clive Urquart(Kingdom Faith,Uk) ,Chip K(UK),myself and friends from Germany,France,Switzerland and Scandinavia. I will give you more information soon.

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