We did go in to London last Sunday…just could not resist to get a closer look at the games and taste the atmosphere. I love to drive car in London and I always finds a free parking in the central part of city. London was not that crowded as you would expect. It seems like the game have scared quite a lot of tourists away unfortunately…We went to the live shows at Hyde Park and it was great even though it was raining. The organisation is done in a marvellous way. Volunteers everywhere friendly polite willing to help out. I love England and the English people in times like this. Today I am in Sweden….it is raining…and raining..summer have not really arrived here and maybe we have to wait another year..I will be here a few days and next week I will do my annual “Bavaria ministry tour”. I love that part of Germany.People are friendly,open there.
Lets remember to pray for Gods will to happen in Syria! The people there are suffering a lot. They deserve freedom and democracy without Islam and terror.
I am looking forward to this coming fall and I believe we will continue to see God move with His power and glory.

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