What an amazing week we have had at “Faith 2012”. Thousands of people coming together to worship and listen to  the King of Kings. I must say it has been a glorious time. Faith Camp is for me one of the few weeks where I really have time to sit down and receive also from the ministry of others. Pastor Colin U,Clive U and Steve U have all been giving and ministering with power and authority and we all have been blessed. I spoke as well every day over the week in the afternoons and in the Move and in the main meeting on Wednesday night. I enjoyed that a lot. In the afternoons I had a theme: Faith and Power to heal and restore! A great theme and so true about what God have done and want to perform through us.
In the Wednesday evening meeting I spoke from Act 16 and about the Macedonian Man…I ministered to all Pastors and leaders that evening and that was something special. Get hold of the messages from Faith camp. It is worth listening to. Today I am back in Fleet..sorting things out. I am excited about the 10 gold medals UK have won so far and I believe that there are more to come. UK is worth it!

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