Yesterday and earlier today have been a bit of a nightmare for me..someone hijacked my email account and pretended to be me writing to all my contacts.The message was that I am in Madrid and have just been mugged and can not pay my hotel bill so I am asking everyone to lend me money that should be sent through “Western Union”. The “hijacker” also stole all my contacts. All day I have received calls and messages asking if the mail is true or not. It is really a bit scary how someone can steal your identity like that. I really hope that no one did send money and later will contact me to pay them back the loan…It was encouraging though to hear from many that said that they did not recognise me in the mail. There was no faith expressed in the mail they said. I am blessed to hear that. Someone can hijack your identity in a technical way…but they can not copy or steal the life that we have within.Faith is something real that will influence everything you do and say. Things are getting sorted with my identity and no more fake mail will be sent from my name.
Have a good day…and keep your faith and identity!

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