New booklet…

I have just released a new booklet “The power of faith”. This message have been in my heart for a long time and I am happy to get it in print. My prayer is that it will help you to continue your walk with God and do more exploits for Him. If you attend Faith […]

Lost identity

Yesterday and earlier today have been a bit of a nightmare for me..someone hijacked my email account and pretended to be me writing to all my contacts.The message was that I am in Madrid and have just been mugged and can not pay my hotel bill so I am asking everyone to lend me money […]

Faith 2012

It is raining and raining where I am right now. Weather is really dreadful this summer. I am preparing though for a great event that will start Saturday next week in Peterborough/England. Faith Camp 2012!! This year Faith Camp is celebrating 30 years!! I believe that this year we will have a very blessed week […]