This week have been quite something..from Germany on Monday to England and left Wednesday to Gothenburg and from there to Smaland and from there to Stockholm and than back to Smaland….have had some good days though.I really enjoyed midsummer eve together with children and grand children. This coming Friday we will be back in Stockholm and day after is the second wedding this month…Magdalena&Marcus. This week will be busy preparing a lot for that event. I am sure it will be a successful event.
Right now my mind is full of a lot of wedding speeches,sermons…
I am pleased to have finished a new booklet that will be published just before Faith Camp this summer….
I have a few favourite authors that I keep coming back to over and over again…one of them is:Francis Schaeffer. His books meant a lot to me when I was a new Christian and he was the first “Christian intellectual” that I came across. I just read a quote from him that I like to share:”Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world.”
This is so true! Unfortunately you and I many times fall in to the same trap as the Pharisees when we judge and point our fingers to others instead of allowing the compassion of God move us to do what we can to be “Christ” to those people…I am so much in need of learning that lesson over and over again…Compassion is a powerful force,given to us so that through our lives this World might see Him.(picture is:Vivianne,Rebecka&Celine on midsummer eve)

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