It has been a stressful week..beginning with Joel’s wedding and everything around it.What a wedding!! Beautiful in every way,weather was a disaster though…very different from here…in Italy today. I ministered in Modena last night.We had a powerful time together with church in their new building. I really like that building. Now Church here can seriously start to equip workers for the great harvest in Italy! This area have had a few earthquakes the last week’s. It has been a real disaster in some regions around Modena.People are still sleeping in tents,car’s everywhere around. Many houses and factories have been demolished. North east of the city 40 old Catholic Churches have been destroyed.One priest died when he returned back in to his church trying to rescue a statue of Mary… People are asking could God allow this to happen….Religion does not have the answer. Jesus is the answer.
Today I am leaving for Fano where I will speak to leaders and tonight we will have an open meeting there.

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