I am in our summerhouse in Sweden a few days together with Vivianne. Summer has arrived and everything is really beautiful,especially our garden with fruit trees and flowers..I am working through a lot of admin today and tomorrow and than I am heading for Norway-Fredrikstad where I will preach in the weekend.(www.zoe.no)Welcome to attend all of you from Norway!!Yesterday I arrived back from Geneva and we have had a really good time there. I have been involved in the Church there for some years and it is always great to minister there. The church is the largest free church in Geneva and has a fantastic heritage(its 150 years old).Geneva is a key city in Europe and not only UN have its headquarters here but also many other international organisations. The Church(Rivers Droit??) is located right in the heart of Geneva, not far from Lake Geneva.
I preached there Thursday-Monday and it was great to see many people from various background attend our meetings.People got saved and healed during the meetings and God spoke prophetically to the Church especially on the Sunday morning service.I also spoke all Saturday to leaders and the board of the Church. Next week we will celebrate our son’s Joel wedding(will marry Carolina) what a joy!!

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