Today I am leaving back home to England for a few days. So far I have been travelling with train ,bus and now I am waiting for my flight to leave.In London a cab is waiting for me that will take me home.
I spend a lot of time “on the road”. I never really counted how many hours a week ..but it is a lot. Travelling nowadays might seem easier and faster but I must say for me it takes more and more energy.Maybe it is my age…
This week I will teach at Kingdom Faith Bible College and I will meet up friends and pastors where I live and on Friday I am leaving for Hanover and Düsseldorf. I am excited about what God will do and I will do my best not to stand in His way….
Spring is slowly turning to summer…very slowly but we will get there. I love the summer.Some weeks from now my son will get married…and than some weeks after that my second daughter will get married. From now until than and in between I will be ministering in a lot of places …travelling many hours and enjoy this life that God have given us to live. We only live once. Earlier today I visited a graveyard and got reminded of this fact. We only live ones!! Lets live while we live!

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