I have just arrived back from Norway.Some years ago I visited and ministered in Norway regularly but not in the last years. It was really great to visit the church “Zoe” in Fredrikstad. I was the speaker on their “Pentecostal Conference”. The Church is a Charismatic Faith Church that have been an important “lighthouse” in […]

Summer is here..

I am in our summerhouse in Sweden a few days together with Vivianne. Summer has arrived and everything is really beautiful,especially our garden with fruit trees and flowers..I am working through a lot of admin today and tomorrow and than I am heading for Norway-Fredrikstad where I will preach in the weekend.( to attend all […]

Back home to England

Today I am leaving back home to England for a few days. So far I have been travelling with train ,bus and now I am waiting for my flight to leave.In London a cab is waiting for me that will take me home. I spend a lot of time “on the road”. I never really […]