We have just finished a weekend in Sweden together with family and loved ones. Last Friday we all came together for the funeral of Eva, my mother in law.
She went to be with Jesus some weeks ago and she will be missed by many.
My memory of her is a woman that loved life, God and her family.
We will miss her very much.
This weekend have been a reminder about the truth that we will not live here in this world forever but everyone will one day depart.
Every day is a gift and a great possibility to make a difference for someone,somewhere.
Most of us will have more than 30 000 days to live and enjoy here on earth.
That is a lot of days with a lot opportunities.
Right now it is snowing a lot here in Sweden and I am longing for the summer. This week I will not travel…but I will do a lot of paperwork and write on my book.

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